11 December

Year 15:
Franz Kafka (1883-1924).
Gesammelte Werke. First published in this edition 1950-8. {274} Die Verwandlung (1912). Beschreibung Eines Kampfes (1931). Hochzeitsvorbereitungen auf dem Lande (1953).

Su Tung-P'o (1036-1101).
Selections From a Sung Dynasty. Translated by Burton Watson (Columbia U P, 1965).

{275} Hermann Hesse (1877-1962).
Das Glasparlenspiel. First published 1943.

{276} Sigmund Freud (1856-1939).
Die Traumdeutung. First published 1900.

{277} Fernando de Rojas (c. 1465-1541).
La Comedia de Calisto y Melibea. First published anonymously in 1499, and since popularly known as La Celestina. 

Hans Magnus Enzensberger (b. 1929).
Gedichte. Die Entstehung Eines Gedichts.
[and {278} The Sinking of the 'Titanic']

{279} Herman Melville (1819-1891).
Moby Dick, or The White Whale. First published 1851.

Gerhart Hauptmann (1862-1946).
Five Plays. ({280} Die Weber; {281} Rose Bernd; {282} Fuhrmann Henschel; {283} Hanneles Himmelfahrt; {284} Der Biberpelz]

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749-1832).
[incl. 'Heideroslein; Willkommen und Abschied'; 'Mailied'; 'Prometheus'; 'An Schwager Kronos'; 'Wanderers Sturmlied'; 'An den Mond'; 'Wanderers Nachtlied'; {285} West-ostlicher Divan]

Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778).
{286} Les Confessions. First published posthumously in 1781 (Books I-VI) and 1788 (Books VII-XII).
[and {287} Du Contrat Social; {288} Emile]

Year 16:
The Penguin Book of Greek Verse, edited by Constantine A Trypanis.

Great Sanskrit Plays in New English Transcreations by P Lal (New Directions, 1957). [{289} The Dream of Vasavadatta; {290} Shakuntala; {291} The Little Clay Cart; {292} Ratnavali; {293} The Later Story of Rama; {294} The Signet Ring of Rakshasa]

{295} Pausanias (c. 120-180).
Hellados Periegeseos ('Description of Greece').

{296} 'Homer' (Exact identity, and thus dating, not known).
Odysseia. Written between the 12th and 7 centuries B C, probably in the 9th.

{297} David Herbert Lawrence (1885-1930).
Sons and Lovers. First published 1913.

{298} Aristotle (384-322 B C).

{299} Plato (c. 429-347 B C).

{300} Shih Ching ('The Book of Songs'). Compiled between 1000 and 700 B C.

Osip Emilievich Mandelstam (1891-1938).
Sobraniye Sochineii.


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