21 September

Through the rest of the year, as I edit and expand all of the lists--including the three that have not yet been posted--the links in the right-hand column will have numbers placed besides them indicating how many entries the list includes (that is, all literary works, however they were originally published, plus relatively-undefined entries such as "poems" or "complete works") followed by the number of monograph works (that is, those being numbered in the lists) in parenthesis. Until the project's done, these totals should be considered works in progress; several bibliographically-complex entries have not been entirely worked-out yet--that is, the numbers could change. I've also considered having a third total for each list: counting those items that were not published as monographs, but stand as distinct works (usually poems, essays, and stories published in periodicals and anthologies), with the undefined entries counted separately. With such a set-up, the distinct works could be included in the major master list with the monographs, while a minor master list would have the remainder.

The non-monograph works will be also be color-coded. Red indicates that the entry is an excerpt of a singular work, such as books of the Bible; yellow, that it is an undefined selection; green, that it is an essay, diary entry, piece of correspondence, or any other prose work originally published in a periodical or anthology; blue, that it is a short story originally published in a periodical or anthology; and purple, that it is a poem originally published in a periodical or anthology. Notice that the first and second categories (excerpts and undefined selections), not being defined by genre, could include prose or poetry, fiction or not.

Progress on creation of the major master list and editing of the 40 disparate lists continues.