9 September

The list by Robert Louis Stevenson included in Have You Read 100 Great Books? [see 3 September post] comes from a series of articles in the British Weekly, published in 1887, entitled Books Which Have Influenced Me. You can see from the Amazon page below the table of contents, and thus the other famous individuals of the time who contributed. Clearly, this series emerged in response to Lubbock's speech and his accompanying articles in the Pall Mall Gazette and the Contemporary Review, and the responses to his list also published in the Gazette. Though a full-text scan of the book should be floating around somewhere online, and I can get access to an actual copy, for now I'm not going to include these lists. Not only do I not have access to all of the Gazette lists, which are more important historically, but the inclusion of several short lists doesn't seem to be a worthy task at this point in the project. Perhaps in the future. Notice that F W Farrar was one of the participants in the British Weekly series--and, according to Baldwin's The Book Lover, Farrar also contributed to the Pall Mall discussion--but this of course came before his Great Books book (see 27 January post).