8 September

Christopher Morley's 'Golden Florins' doesn't include ancient or medieval literature, so it is excluded from this project. Its genesis is explained in Morley's book Ex Libris Carissimis, a collection of five lectures given at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall of 1931. (The list is featured at the end of the book.) Since Petrarch left Boccaccio fifty florins with which to purchase a warm dressing gown for winter evenings, Morley leaves the reader with some metaphorical currency, explaining, "I did take the trouble to think back over twenty years of mature reading and make up my mind, rightly or wrongly, as to the books and writers which had meant most to me." This quote is from the lecture, 'Wine That Was Spilt in Haste'. You can see the list in the full-text scan at the Internet Archive: