9 June

The Democratic Age: Russia:
Aleksandr Pushkin:
Complete Prose Tales
Collected Poetry, translated by Walter Arndt
{} Eugene Onegin, translated by Charles Johnston
Narrative Poems, translated by Charles Johnston
{} Boris Godunov

Nikolay Gogol:
The Complete Tales
{} Dead Souls
{} The Government Inspector, translated by Adrian Mitchell

Mikhail Lermontov:
Narrative Poems, translated by Charles Johnston
{} A Hero of Our Time

Sergey Aksakov:
{} A Family Chronicle

Aleksandr Herzen:
{} My Past and Thoughts
{} From the Other Shore

Ivan Goncharov:
{} The Frigate Pallada
{} Oblomov

Ivan Turgenev:
{} A Sportsman's Notebook, translated by Charles and Natasha Hepburn
{} A Month in the Country
{} Fathers and Sons
{} On the Eve
{} First Love

Fyodor Dostoevsky:
{} Notes From the Underground
{} Crime and Punishment
{} The Idiot
{} The Possessed (The Devils)
{} The Brothers Karamazov
Short Novels

Leo Tolstoy:
{} The Cossacks
{} War and Peace
{} Anna Karenina
{} A Confession
{} The Power of Darkness
Short Novels

Nikolay Leskov:

Aleksandr Ostrovsky:
{} The Storm

Nikolay Chernyshevsky:
{} What Is to Be Done?

Aleksandr Blok:
'The Twelve' and Other Poems, translated by Anselm Hollo

Anton Chekhov:
The Tales
The Major Plays

The United States:
Washington Irving:
{} The Sketch Book

William Cullen Bryant:
Collected Poems

James Fenimore Cooper:
{} The Deerslayer

John Greenleaf Whittier:
Collected Poems

Ralph Waldo Emerson:
{} Nature
{} Essays, first and second series
{} Representative Men
{} The Conduct of Life
{} Journals

Emily Dickinson:
Complete Poems

Walt Whitman:
{} Leaves of Grass, first edition
Leaves of Grass, third edition
The Complete Poems
{} Specimen Days

Nathaniel Hawthorne:
{} The Scarlet Letter
Tales and Sketches
{} The Marble Faun

Herman Melville:
{} Moby-Dick
{} The Piazza Tales
{} Billy Budd
Collected Poems
{} Clarel

Edgar Allan Poe:
Poetry and Tales
Essays and Reviews
{} The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym
{} Eureka

Jones Very:
Essays and Poems

Frederick Goddard Tuckerman:
{} The Cricket and 
Other Poems

Henry David Thoreau:
{} Walden

Richard Henry Dana, Jr.
{} Two Years Before the Mast

Frederick Douglass:
{} Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:
Selected Poems

Sidney Lanier:

Francis Parkman:
{} France and England in North America
{} The California and Oregon Trail

Henry Adams:
{} The Education of Henry Adams
{} Mont Saint Michel and Chartres

Ambrose Bierce:
Collected Writings

Louisa May Alcott:
{} Little Women

Charles W Chesnutt:
The Short Fiction

Kate Chopin:
{} The Awakening

William Dean Howells:
{} The Rise of Silas Lapham
{} A Modern Instance

Stephan Crane:
{} The Red Badge of Courage
Stories and 

Henry James:
{} The Portrait of a Lady
{} The Bostonians
{} The Princess Casamassima
{} The Awkward Age
Short Novels and Tales
{} The Ambassadors
{} The Wings of the Dove
{} The Golden Bowl

Harold Frederic:
{} The Damnation of Theron Ware

Mark Twain:
Complete Short Stories
{} The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Devil's Racetrack
{} Number Forty-Four: The Mysterious Stranger
{} Pudd'nhead Wilson
{} A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

William James:
{} The Varieties of Religious Experience
{} Pragmatism

Frank Norris:
{} The Octopus

Sarah Orne Jewett:
{} The Country of the Pointed Firs and 
Other Stories

Trumball Stickney:


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