7 June

Harold Bloom's The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages [1994] will be posted over the course of 14 days, as it appears in the back of the book; my notes will gradually be added, and the listing of the massive 'Chaotic Age' portion of the list in this project's final master list will continue into 2014.

The Democratic Age: Italy:
Ugo Foscolo:
{}  [Dei Sepolcri] On Sepulchres, translated by Thomas G Bergin
{}  [Ultime Lettere di Jacopo Ortis] Last Letters of Jacopo Ortis [1802; revised 1817]
Odes and 
{} The Graces [published in part 1803 and 1818; in its entirety, 1822]

Alessandro Manzoni:
{}  [I Promessi Sposi] The Betrothed
{} [Dei Romanzo Storico] On the Historical Novel

Giacomo Leopardi:
Essays and Dialogues, translated by Giovanni Cecchetti
The Moral Essays, translated by Howard Norse

Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli:
Roman Sonnets, translated by Harold Norse

Giosue Carducci:
[Inno a Satana] 'Hymn to Satan'
{}  Barbarian Odes [published in three volumes, 1877-89]
Rhymes and Rhythms

Giovanni Verga:
{}  Little Novels of Sicily [1883], translated by D H Lawrence
{}  Mastro-Don Gesualdo [1889], translated by D H Lawrence
{}  [I Malavoglia] The House by the Medlar Tree [1881], translated by Raymond Rosenthal
The She-Wolf and Other Stories, translated by Giovanni Cecchetti

Spain and Portugal:
Gustavo Adolfo Becquer:

Benito Perez Galdos:
{}  Fortunato and Jacinta

Leopoldo Alas (Clarin):
{}  La Regenta

José Maria de Eça de Queirós:
{}  [Os Maias: Episódios da Vida Romântica] The Maias [1888]

Benjamin Constant:
{} Adolphe
{} The Red Notebook

Francois-Auguste-René de Chateaubriand:
Atala and 
René, translated by Irving Putter
{} The Genius of Christianity

Alphonse de Lamartine:
{} Meditations

Alfred de Vigny:
{} Chatteron

Victor Hugo:
The Distance, the Shadows: Selected Poems, translated by Harry Guest
{} Les Misérables
{} Notre-Dame of Paris
{} William Shakespeare
{} The Toilers of the Sea
{} The End of Satan
{} God

Alfred de Musset:
{} Lorenzaccio

Gérard de Nerval:
{} The Chimeras, translated by Peter Jay
{} Sylvie
{} Aurelia

Théophile Gautier:
{} Mademoiselle de Maupin
{} Enamels and Cameos

Honoré de Balzac:
{} The Girl With the Golden Eyes
{} Louis Lambert
{} The Wild Ass's Skin
{} Old Goriot
{} Cousin Bette
{} A Harlot High and Low
{} Eugénie Grandet
{} Ursule Mirouet

{} On Love
{} The Red and the Black
{} The Charterhouse of Parma

Gustave Flaubert:
{} Madame Bovary, translated by Francis Steegmuller
{} Sentimental Education
{} Salammbô
A Simple Soul

George Sand:
{} The Haunted Pool

Charles Baudelaire:
{} Flowers of Evil, translated by Richard Howard
{} Paris Spleen

Stephané Mallarmé
Selected Poetry and Prose

Paul Verlaine:
Selected Poems

Arthur Rimbaud:
Complete Works, translated by Paul Schmidt

Tristan Corbière:
{} Les Amours Jaunes

Jules Laforgue:
Selected Writings, translated by William Jay Smith

Guy de Maupassant:
Selected Short Stories

Émile Zola:
{} Germinal
{} L'Assommoir
{} Nana


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