3 June

Adam Kirsch's The 'Five-Foot Shelf' Reconsidered, at Harvard Magazine, assesses Charles W Eliot's Harvard Classics series, published in 1909 (or at least copyrighted that year; the article suggests it didn't come out until 1910). 

While the Adler/ Hutchins set The Great Books of the Western World supplanted the Harvard Classics as the core element of "great books" education, that article notes that Collier's aggressive promotion of the Harvard set means that many of its hundreds of thousands of copies are fairly easy to find. If you confine yourself to the Web (bad idea), there's even a great web site devoted to the Harvard series: My Harvard Classics. Whereas the bizarre Great Books Survey at Infomotions tells you a lot about coefficients, this site gives you both the complete texts and handy excerpts of the texts, moreover suggesting a 90-day reading plan based on those excerpts.