25 June

No posts will be made in July and August, as I work on annotating the "great books" lists posted through June and transcribing a few more. By the end of August, I will have completed 30 lists. The eleven lists coming after the 19 listed at the 23 May post:

James Baldwin - The Book Lover - 1910 (see 4 June and 1 June posts) *Baldwin*

Charles W Eliot - Harvard Classics - 1910; 1917 (see 3 June post) *Eliot*

John Lubbock - The Pleasures of Life - 1930 (see 18 January post) *Lubbock*

Raymond Queneau -  Pour une Bibliotheque Ideal - 1956 *France*

Kenneth Rexroth - Classics Revisited - 1965-69 *Rexroth*

Harold Bloom - The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages - 1994 (see posts for 20 June-7 June) *Bloom*

Michael Dirda - Classics for Pleasure - 2007 (see posts for 22 June-21 June) *Dirda*

Kevin Hill - The Great Books List - 2007 *Great* 

anonymous - World Canonical Texts - 2011 *World*

Anthony O'Hear - The Great Books: A Journey Through 2,500 Years of the West's Classic Literature - 2011 *O'Hear*

Russ Kick - The Graphic Canon: The World's Great Literature as Comics and Visuals - 2012-13 (see 6 January post) *Graphic*


After these, what's left? At least Adler and Hutchins's The Great Books of the Western World; Philip Ward's A Lifetime's Reading: The World's 500 Greatest Books; and the web site The Great Books List (see 24 April post). Also, probably a few lists of "Oriental" classics, which despite restrictions of language and place are acceptable for this project for the same reason "Western"-only lists are.