20 June

The Chaotic Age: The United States [part two]:
Frank O'Hara:
[The ]Selected Poems[ of Frank O'Hara]

James Schuyler:
Collected Poems [includes Freely Espousing [1969]; The Crystal Lithium [1972]; Hymn to Life [1974]; The Morning of the Poem [1980]; A Few Days [1985]; selections from The Home Book: Prose and Poems, 1951-1970, 1977; plus a section entitled Last Poems] 

James Baldwin:
The Price of a Ticket[: Collected Nonfiction 1948-1985] [includes Notes of a Native Son, 1955 [essays originally published 1949-53 in varied periodicals: Zero, Partisan Review, Commentary, the New Leader, Harper's, and the Reporter]; Nobody Knows My Name: More Notes of a Native Son, 1961 [essays originally published 1956-61 in varied periodicals: the New York Times, Encounter, Esquire, Harper's, Partisan Review, and the New Leader; plus two edited 1960 lectures; and part of an essay previously unpublished], The Fire Next Time [1963], No Name in the Street [1972], The Devil Finds Work [1976]; 24 essays previously published; and one new essay, 'The Price of a Ticket']

Saul Bellow:
Seize the Day [1956]
The Adventures of Augie March [1953]
Herzog [1964]

John Cheever:
The Stories[ of John Cheever] [originally published in varied periodicals: the New Yorker, Esquire, the Saturday Evening Post, and Playboy; includes The Enormous Radio and Other Stories, 1953; The Housebreaker of Shady Hill and Other Stories, 1959; Some People, Places, and Things That Will Not Appear in My Next Novel, 1961; The Brigadier and the Golf Window, 1964; The World of Apples, 1973]
Bullet Park [1969]

Ralph Ellison:
Invisible Man [1952]

Truman Capote:
In Cold Blood[: A True Account of a Multiple Murder and Its Consequences] [originally published serially in the New Yorker, Sep.-Oct. 1965]

Carson McCullers:
The Ballad of the Sad Cafe [1951]
The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter [1940]

Flannery O'Connor:
Complete Stories [includes A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories, 1955; Everything That Rises Must Converge, 1965; plus 12 stories previously uncollected in book form]
The Violent Bear It Away [1960; first chapter is revised version of 'You Can't Be Any Poorer Than Dead', New World Writing, Oct. 1955]
Wise Blood [published in part, Apr. 1948, as 'The Train', Sewanee Review; Feb. 1949, as 'The Heart of the Park', in the Partisan Review; Dec. 1949, as 'The Peeler', in the Partisan Review; and Apr. 1952, as 'Enoch and the Gorilla', in New World Writing; in its entirety, 1952]

Vladimir Nabokov:
Lolita [1955]
Pale Fire [1962]

Gore Vidal:
Myra Breckinridge [1968]
Lincoln [1984]

William Styron:
The Long March [1956]

J D Salinger:
The Catcher in the Rye [1951]
Nine Stories

Wright Morris:
Ceremony in Lone Tree [1960]

Bernard Malamud:
The Stories[ of Bernard Malamud] [1983; originally published 1950-73 in the Partisan Review and other periodicals]
The Fixer [1966]

Norman Mailer:
Advertisements for Myself [1959]
The Executioner's Song [1979]
Ancient Evenings [1983]

John Hawkes:
The Cannibal [1949]
Second Skin [1964]

William Gaddis:
The Recognitions [1955]

Tennessee Williams:
The Glass Menagerie [1944]
A Streetcar Named Desire [1947]
Summer and Smoke [1948]

Arthur Miller:
Death of a Salesman [1949]

Edwin Justus Mayer:
Children of Darkness [1930]

Harold Brodkey:
Stories in an Almost Classical Mode [originally published 1963-88 in varied periodicals, except 'Angel', originally published in Women and Angels, 1985]

Ursula K Le Guin:
The Left Hand of Darkness [1969]

Raymond Carver:
Where I'm Calling From

Robert Coover:
Spanking the Maid [1982]

Don DeLillo:
White Noise [1985]
Libra [1988]
Running Dog [1978]
Mao II [1991]

John Crowley:
Little, Big [1981]
Ægypt [1987; revised and retitled as Solitudes, 2007]
Love and Sleep [1994]

Guy Davenport:
Tatlin! [1974]

James Dickey:
The Early Motion [originally published as Drowning With Others [1962] and Helmets [1964]]
The Central Motion [includes The Eye-Beaters, Blood, Victory, Madness, Buckhead, and Mercy [1968]; The Zodiac [1976]; The Strength of Fields [1979]; plus selections of the author's translations from Head-Deep in Strange Sounds: Free-Flight Improvisations From the unEnglish [1979]]

E L Doctorow:
The Book of Daniel [1971]
World's Fair [1985]

Stanley Elkin:
The Living End [1979]

William H Gass:
In the Heart of the Heart of the Country [1968]
Omensetter's Luck [1966]

Russell Hoban:
Riddley Walker

Denis Johnson:
Angels [1983]
Fiskadoro [1985]
Jesus' Son [1992]

Cormac McCarthy:
Blood Meridian[or the Evening Redness in the West] [1985]
Suttree [1979]
Child of God [1973]

William Kennedy:
Ironweed [1983]
The Albany Cycle [Legs [1975]; Billy Phelan's Greatest Game [1978]; Ironweed; Quinn's Book [1988]; Very Old Bones [1992]; The Flaming Corsage [1996]; Roscoe [2002]; Chango's Beads and Two-Tone Shoes [2012]] [though Bloom obviously did not select the three later works here (published after The Western Canon) his unclear selection of The Albany Cycle allows for some editorial discretion]

Toni Morrison:
Song of Solomon [1977]

Gloria Naylor:
The Women of Brewster Place [1982]

Joyce Carol Oates:
Them [1969]

Walker Percy:
The Moviegoer [1961]

Grace Paley:
The Little Disturbances of Man [1959]

Thomas Pynchon:
V [1963]
The Crying of Lot 49 [1966]
Gravity's Rainbow [1973]

Cynthia Ozick:
'Envy, or Yiddish in America'
The Messiah of Stockholm [1987]

Ishmael Reed:
Mumbo Jumbo [1972]

Philip Roth:
Portnoy's Complaint [1969]
My Life as a Man [1974]
Zuckerman Bound: A Trilogy and Epilogue [The Ghost Writer [1979]; Zuckerman Bound [1981]; The Anatomy Lesson [1983]; The Prague Orgy [1985]]
The Counterlife [1986]
Patrimony[: A True Story [1991]
Operation Shylock [1993]

James Salter:
Solo Faces
Light Years

Robert Stone:
Dog Soldiers [1974]
A Flag for Sunrise [1981]

John Barth:
The Floating Opera [1956]
The End of the Road [1958]
The Sot-Weed Factor [1960]

Walter Abish:
Alphabetical Africa [1974]
How German Is It [1980]
Eclipse Fever [1993]
'I Am the Dust Under Your Feet' [originally published in Conjunctions, 1987]

Donald Barthelme:
Forty Stories
The Dead Father [1975]

Thomas M Disch:
On Wings of Song [originally published serially Feb.-Apr. 1979 in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction]

Paul Theroux:
{} The Mosquito Coast [1981]

John Updike:
The Witches of Eastwick [1984]

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.:
Cat's Cradle [1963]

Edmund White:
Forgetting Elena [1973]
Nocturnes for the King of Naples [1978]

James McCourt:
Time Remaining [1993]

James Wilcox:
Modern Baptists [1983]

A R Ammons:
Collected Poems[, 1951-1971] [includes the entirety, or nearly all, of Ommateum, With Doxology [1955]; Expressions of Sea Level [1964]; Corsons Inlet [1965]; Northfield Poems [1966]; Uplands [1970]; Briefings: Poems Small and Easy [1971]]
Selected Longer Poems [includes 'Pray Without Ceasing'; 'Summer Session'; 'Essay on Poetics'; 'Extremes and Moderations'; 'Hibernaculum']
Sphere: The Form of the Nation [1974]

John Ashbery:
The Double Dream of Spring [1970]
Houseboat Days [1977]
Selected Poems [selections from Some Trees, 1956; The Tennis Court Oath, 1962; Rivers and Mountains, 1966; The Double Dream of Spring, 1970; Three Poems, 1972; Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror, 1975; Houseboat Days, 1977; As We Know, 1979; Shadow Train, 1981; A Wave, 1984]
Flow Chart [1991]
Hotel Lautréamont [1992]
And the Stars Were Shining [1994]

David Mamet:
American Buffalo [1975]
Speed-the-Plow [1988

David Rabe:
Streamers [1975]

Sam Shepard:
Seven Plays [1981] [originally presented as La Turista [1967]; The Tooth of Crime [1972]; Curse of the Starving Class [1976]; Buried Child [1979]; True West [1981]; Savage/ Love [1981]; Tongues [1981; with Joseph Chaikin]]

August Wilson:
Fences [1983]
Joe Turner's Come and Gone [1984]

Anthony Hecht:
Collected Earlier Poems [includes The Hard Hours [1967]; Millions of Strange Shadows [1977]; The Venetian Vespers [1979]; selections from A Summoning of Stones, 1954]

Edgar Bowers:
Living Together: New and Selected Poems [1973; selections from The Form of Loss, 1956; The Astronomers, 1965; plus six new poems]

Donald Justice:
Selected Poems [1979; selections from The Summer Anniversaries, 1960; Night Light, 1967; Departures, 1973; plus a section entitled Uncollected Poems]

James Merrill:
From the First Nine[: Poems 1946-1976] [ selections from The Black Swan, 1946; First Poems, 1951; The Country of a Thousand Years of Peace, 1959; Water Street, 1962; Nights and Days, 1966; The Fire Screen, 1969; Braving the Elements, 1972; The Yellow Pages, 1974; Divine Comedies, 1976]
The Changing Light at Sandover [originally published as 'The Book of Ephraim', in Divine Comedies, 1976; Mirabell: Books of Number, 1978; and Scripts for the Pageant, 1980; published as a single work, with the addition of 'The Higher Keys', 1982]

W S Merwin:
Selected Poems [selections from A Mask for Janus, 1952; The Dancing Bears, 1954; Green With Beasts, 1956; The Drunk in the Furnace, 1960; The Moving Target, 1963; The Lice, 1967; The Carrier of Ladders, 1970; Writings to an Unfinished Accompaniment, 1973; The Compass Flower, 1977; Opening the Hand, 1983]

James Wright:
Above the River: The Complete Poems [includes all but five poems of The Green Wall [1957]; the entirety of Saint Judas [1959]; The Branch Will Not Break [1963]; Shall We Gather at the River [1968]; Two Citizens [1973]; To a Blossoming Pear Tree [1977]; This Journey [1982]; plus two poems originally published in Collected Poems, 1971, and sections entitled Selected Prose [excerpts from Moments in the Indian Summer, 1976; and The Summers of Annie and James Wright, 1981], New Poems (from Collected Poems, 1971); and Some Translations (from Collected Poems, 1971, and New Translations)]

Galway Kinnell:
Selected Poems [selections from What a Kingdom It Was, 1960; Flower Herding on Mount Monadnock, 1964; Body Rags, 1968; First Poems 1946-1954, 1970; The Book of Nightmares, 1973; Mortal Acts, Mortal Words, 1980]

Philip Levine:
Selected Poems [includes Pili's Wall [1971]; selections from On the Edge, 1963; Not This Pig, 1968; Red Dust, 1971; They Feed the Lion, 1972; 1933, 1974; The Names of the Lost, 1976; Ashes, 1979; Seven Years From Somewhere, 1979; One for the Rose, 1981] [Bloom could have intended to list New Selected Poems, published in 1991, closer to the date of The Western Canon; that volume includes all of the poems of the 1984 edition as well as selections from Sweet Will, 1985, and A Walk With Tom Jefferson, 1988]

Irving Feldman:
New and Selected Poems [selections from Work and Days, 1961; The Pripet Marshes, 1965; Magic Papers, 1970; Lost Originals, 1972; Leaping Chair, 1976; plus 11 new poems]

Donald Hall:
The One Day [1988]
Old and New Poems [selections from Exiles and Marriages, 1955; The Dark Houses, 1958; A Roof of Tiger Lilies, 1963; The Alligator Bride, 1969; The Yellow Poem, 1971; The Town of Hill, 1975; Kicking the Leaves, 1978; The Toy Bone, 1979; The Happy Man, 1986; plus a section entitled 1987-1990 and four poems previously uncollected]

Alvin Feinman:
Poems [1990; includes Preambles and Other Poems [1964], revised; plus new poems]

Richard Howard:
Untitled Subjects [1969]
Findings [1971]

John Hollander:
Reflections on Espionage [1976]
Selected Poetry [1993; includes Powers of Thirteen [1983]; selections from A Crackling of Thorns, 1958; Movie-Going and Other Poems, 1962; The Night Mirror, 1971; Town and Country Matters, 1972; Tales Told of the Fathers, 1975; In Place, 1978; Spectral Emanations, 1978; Blue Wine, 1979; Harp Lake, 1988]
Tesserae[ and Other Poems] [1993]

Gary Snyder:
No Nature: New and Selected Poems [1992; selections from Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems, 1959; Myths and Texts, 1960; Mountains and Rivers Without End [published in part, 1965; in its entirety, 1996; this excerpt appears to be a unique selection]; The Back Country, 1967; Regarding Wave, 1969; Turtle Island, 1974; Axe Handles, 1983; Left Out in the Rain, 1988]

Charles Simic:
Selected Poems[ 1963-1983] [selections from Dismantling the Silence, 1971; Return to a Place Lit by a Glass of Milk, 1974; Charon's Cosmology, 1977; Classic Ballroom Dances, 1980; White, 1980; Austerities, 1982; Weather Forecast for Utopia and Vicinity: Poems 1967-1982, 1983]

Mark Strand:
Selected Poems [selections from Sleeping With One Eye Open, 1964; Reasons for Moving, 1968; Darker, 1970; The Story of Our Lives, 1973; The Late Hour, 1978; New Poems, 1980]
The Continuous Life [1990]
Dark Harbor [1993]

Charles Wright:
The World of the Ten Thousand Things[: Poems 1980-1990] [includes The Southern Cross [1981]; The Other Side of the River [1984]; Zone Journals [1988]; Xionia [1990]]

Jay Wright:
Dimensions of History [1976]
The Double Invention of Komo [1980]
Selected Poems[ of Jay Wright] [selections from Death as History, 1967; The Homecoming Singer, 1971; Soothsayers and Omens, 1976; Dimensions of History, 1976; The Double Invention of Koma, 1980; Explications/ Interpretations, 1984]
Elaine's Book [1988]
Boleros [1991]

Amy Clampitt:
Westward [1990]

Allen Grossman:
The Ether Dome and Other Poems: New and Selected [(1979-1991)] [selections from The Woman on the Bridge Over the Chicago River, 1979; Of the Great House, 1982; The Bright Nails Scattered on the Ground, 1986; plus a section entitled Pastorals of Our Other Hours in the Millennium]

Howard Moss:
New Selected Poems [selections from The Wound and the Weather, 1946; The Toy Fair, 1954; A Swimmer in the Air, 1957; A Winter Come, a Summer Gone, 1960; Finding Them Lost, 1965; Second Nature, 1968; New Poems, 1971; Buried City, 1975; A Swim Off the Rocks, 1976; Notes From the Castle, 1980; Rules of Sleep, 1984]

James Applewhite:
River Writing: An Eno Journal [1988]

J D McClatchy:
The Rest of the Way [1992]

Alfred Corn:
A Call in the Midst of the Crowd [1978]

Douglas Crase:
The Revisionist [1981]

Rita Dove:
Selected Poems [includes The Yellow House on the Corner [1980]; Museum [1983]; and Thomas and Beulah [1986]]

Thylias Moss:
Small Congregations: New and Selected Poems [selections from Hosiery Seams on a Bowlegged Woman, 1983; Pyramid in Blue, 1990; At Redbones, 1990; Rainbow Remnants in Rock Bottom Ghetto Sky, 1991; plus 26 new poems]

Edward Hirsch:
Earthly Measures [1994]

Tony Kushner:
Angels in America [originally presented in two parts: Millennium Approaches, 1990; and Perestroika, 1992]