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The Chaotic Age: The United States [part one]:
Edward Arlington Robinson:
Selected Poems [1965; selections from The Torrent and the Night Before, 1896; The Children of the Night, 1897--an expanded revised version of The Torrent, two poems omitted; Captain Craig, 1902; The Town Down the River, 1910; The Man Against the Sky, 1916; The Three Taverns, 1920; Avon's Harvest, 1921; Dionysus in Doubt, 1925; Nicodemus,1932; features versions from Collected Poems, 1921, expanded 1927, 1929, and 1937]

Robert Frost:
The Poetry[ of Robert Frost] [includes A Boy's Will [1913; revised 1930]; North of Boston [1914]; Mountain Interval [1916; expanded 1930]; New Hampshire [1923]; West-Running Brook [1928; expanded 1930]; A Further Range [1936]; A Witness Tree [1942]; A Masque of Reason [1945]; Steeple Bush [1947]; A Masque of Mercy [1947]; In the Clearing [1962]; plus two of the three poems in the section entitled An Afterword, from the Collected Poems [1949], the other poem having been made part of In the Clearing]

Edith Wharton:
Collected Short Stories [Volume I includes 'That Good May Come'; 'April Showers'; 'Friends'; 'The Line of Least Resistance'; 'The Letter'; 'The  House of the Dead Man'; 'The Introducers'; 'Les Metteurs en Scène'; 'Writing a War Story'; 'Mrs. Manstey's View' [originally published Jul. 1891 in Scribner's]; 'The Fulness of Life' [originally published Dec. 1893 in Scribner's]; 'The Lamp of Psyche' [originally published Oct. 1895 in Scribner's]; 'The Valley of Childish Things, and Other Emblems' [originally published Jul. 1896 in Century Magazine]; The Greater Inclination [1899; six stories, two of which originally published in Scribner's, 1898 and 1899]; Crucial Instances, 1901 [originally published 1900-01 in Scribner's]; The Descent of Man, 1904 [originally published 1902-06 in varied periodicals: Scribner's, Harper's, Collier's, Cosmopolitan, the Atlantic Monthly, and Ainslee's]; The Hermit and the Wild Woman, 1908 [originally published 1904-08 in Scribner's and Collier's]; Volume II includes Tales of Men and Ghosts, 1910 [originally published Jun. 1909-Aug. 1910 in Scribner's and Century Magazine]; Here and Beyond, 1926 [originally published 1919 and 1925-26 in varied periodicals: Pictorial Review, Scribner's, and the Red Book Magazine]; Certain People, 1930 [originally published 1926-28 in Ladies' Home Journal and the Saturday Evening Post]; Human Nature, 1933 [originally published 1932-33 in varied periodicals: Scribner's, Woman's Home Companion, the Saturday Evening Post, and Nash's Pall Mall Magazine]; The World Over, 1936 [five stories originally published in the Saturday Evening Post, 1931; Hearst's International-Cosmopolitan, Dec. 1933 and Feb. 1934; Liberty, 1934; Story-Teller, 1936; and one story previously unpublished]; all of Xingu and Other Stories [1916; originally published 1911-19 in varied periodicals: Scribner's, Century Magazine, the Atlantic Monthly, and Woman's Home Companion] except 'Bunner Sisters'; and the Preface and 'All Souls'' from Ghosts, 1937]
The Age of Innocence [1920]
Ethan Frome [1911]
The House of Mirth [1905]
The Custom of the Country [1913]

Willa Cather:
My Ántonia [1918]
The Professor's House [1925]
A Lost Lady [1923]

Gertrude Stein:
Three Lives [1906]
The Geographical History of America[ or the Relation of Human Nature to the Human Mind] [1936]
The Making of Americans[: Being the History of a Family's Progress] [published in part, 1924, in the Transatlantic Review; in its entirety, 1925; abridged version, 1934]
Tender Buttons [1914]

Wallace Stevens:
Collected Poems [includes Harmonium [1923; revised 1931]; Parts of a World [1942];Ideas of Order [1936]; The Man With the Blue Guitar [1937]; Transport to Summer [1947]; The Auroras of Autumn [1950]; plus section entitled The Rock] 
The Necessary Angel[: Essays on Reality and the Imagination] [1951; six essays, three of which originally published as Three Academic Pieces, 1947]
Opus Posthumous
The Palm at the End of the Mind

Vachel Lindsay:
Collected Poems [1923; revised and expanded 1925; originally published in the Metropolitan; Poetry; the Independent; Tuck's Magazine; Reedy's Mirror; the Little Review; the American Magazine; the Outlook; the Chicago Herald; the Masses; the Red Cross Magazine; the Bookman; the Seven Arts; Forum; the Chicago Daily News; Contemporary Verse; the New Republic; the New York Sun; Others; Youth; the Yale Review; and in varied anthologies]

Edgar Lee Masters:
Spoon River Anthology [1915]

Theodore Dreiser:
Sister Carrie [1900]
An American Tragedy [1925]

Sherwood Anderson:
Winesburg, Ohio [1919]
Death in the Woods and Other Stories [16 stories previously published]

Sinclair Lewis:
Babbit [1922]
It Can't Happen Here [1935]

Elinor Wylie:
Last Poems [1943; three sections of poems previously unpublished and one section of poems previously uncollected in book form]

William Carlos Williams:
Spring and All [1923]
Paterson [originally published in five volumes: 1946, 1948, 1949, 1951, and 1958]
Collected Poems [Volume I 1909-1939 includes The Tempers [1913]; Al Que Quierre! [1917]; Sour Grapes [1921]; Spring and All [1923]; 'The Descent of Winter' [originally published in Exile, Autumn 1928]; An Early Martyr and Other Poems [1935]; Adam and Eve and the City [1936]; selections from Poems, 1909; Volume II 1939-1962 includes The Wedge [1944]; The Clouds [1948]; The Pink Church [1949]; The Desert Music [1954]; Journey to Love [1955]; Pictures From Brueghel [1962]; both volumes include poems previously uncollected in book form or previously published in earlier anthologies]

Ezra Pound:
Personae: Collected Poems [includes Personae [1909]; Ripostes [1912]; Lustra [1916]; Cathay; and other poems]
The Cantos
Literary Essays[ of Ezra Pound] [selections from Pavannes and Divisions, 1918; Instigations, 1920; Make It New, 1934; Polite Essays, 1937; some of the essays originally published in varied periodicals: the New York Herald, the Egoist, the English Journal, Poetry, the Criterion, the Quarterly Review, the Future, the Little Review, the New Freewoman, and Dial]

Robinson Jeffers:
Selected Poems [selections from Selected Poetry, 1938; Be Angry at the Sun, 1941; Medea, 1946; The Double Axe, 1948; Hungerfield, 1954; The Beginning and the End, 1963]

Marianne Moore:
[The ]Complete Poems[ of Marianne Moore] [includes What Are Years [1941]; Nevertheless [1946]; Like a Bulwark [1956]; O To Be a Dragon [1959]; Tell Me, Tell Me [1966]; plus sections entitled Collected Later [originally published as a section entitled Hitherto Uncollected, in Collected Poems, 1951] and Hitherto Uncollected; and a selection of translations of Jean de la Fontaine's Fables; 1981 version includes additional poems in the Hitherto Uncollected section]

Hilda Doolittle (H D):
Selected Poems [selections from Sea Garden, 1916; Hymen, 1921; Heliodora and Other Poems, 1924; Red Roses for Bronze, 1931; Trilogy, 1944-46; Helen in Egypt, 1961; Hermetic Definition, 1972; and sections entitled Miscellaneous Poems 1914-1917; and Miscellaneous Poems, 1931-1938(?)]

John Crowe Ransom:
Selected Poems [includes selections from Poems About God, 1919; Chills and Fever, 1924; Grace After Meat, 1924; Two Gentlemen in Bonds, 1927; plus poems previously uncollected in book form; another anthology, Poems and Essays, 1955, includes the entirety of the 1945 edition of Selected Poems with a few additions and some poems revised plus a selection of essays]

T S Eliot:
The Complete Poems and Plays[, 1909-1950] [includes Prufrock and Other Observations [1917]; Poems: 1920 [1920]; 'The Waste Land'; 'The Hollow Men'; Ash Wednesday [1930]; Journey of the Magi [1927]; A Song for Simeon [1928]; Animula [1929]; Marina [1930]; Triumphal March [1931]; Sweeney Agonistes: Fragments of an Aristophanic Melodrama [1932]; Murder in the Cathedral [1935]; The Family Reunion [1939]; The Cocktail Party [1949]; Four Quartets; Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats [1939]; selections from The Rock; two poems, 'Coriolan' and 'Difficulties of a Statesman', included with Triumphal March and Sweeney Agonistes in a section entitled Unfinished Poems; plus a section entitled Minor Poems]
Selected Essays[, 1917-1932]

Katherine Anne Porter:
[The ]Collected Stories[ of Katherine Anne Porter] [includes Flowering Judas and Other Stories; Pale Horse, Pale Rider [1939]; The Leaning Tower and Other Stories]

Jean Toomer:
Cane [published in part in varied periodicals; in its entirety, 1923]

John Dos Passos:
U S A [The 42nd Parallel [1930]; 1919 [1932]; The Big Money [1936]]

Conraid Aiken:
Collected Poems [includes Punch: The Immortal Liar: Documents in His History [1921]; Priapus and the Pool and Other Poems [1925; originally published on its own, 1922; 1925 edition omits three parts of Priapus and includes 21 other poems, all of which are included in Collected Poems; 1949 edition of Priapus omits eight parts of the 1925 version]; John Deth: A Metaphysical Legend and Other Poems [1930]; The Coming Forth by Day of Oriris Jones [1931]; Preludes for Memnon [1931]; Landscape West of Eden [1934]; Time in the Rock: Preludes to Definition [1936]; And in the Human Heart [1940]; Brownstone Eclogues and Other Poems [1942]; The Soldier [1944]; The Kid [1947]; The Divine Pilgrim [1949; published in part as The Jig of Forslin: A Symphony, 1916; The House of Dust: A Symphony, 1920; The Pilgrimage of Festus, 1923; and The Charnel Rose; Senlin: A Biography; and Other Poems, 1925; both House of Dust and Charnel Rose revised for inclusion in Divine Pilgrim; Senlin revised for publication on its own, 1925, and again for Divine Pilgrim]; Skylight One: Fifteen Poems [1949]; A Letter From Li Po and Other Poems [1955]; Sheepfold Hill: Fifteen Poems [1958]; The Morning Song of Lord Zero: Poems Old and New [1963]; Thee [1967]; 'Blues for Ruby Matrix' [originally published in Poetry: A Magazine of Verse, 1935]; selections from Turns and Movies and Other Tales in Verse, 1916; and Nocturne of Remembered Spring and Other Poems, 1921; and other poems] 

Eugene O'Neill:
Lazarus Laughed [1928]
The Iceman Cometh [1946]
Long Day's Journey into Night [1956]

e e cummings:
Complete Poems[, 1904-1962] [1991; includes Tulips and Chimneys [1923]; & [1925]; XLI Poems [1925]; Is 5 [1926]; W (ViVa) [1931]; No Thanks [1935]; 50 Poems [1940]; 1 x 1 [1944]; Xaipe [1950]; 95 Poems [1958]; 73 Poems [1962]; Etcetera: The Unpublished Poems [1983]; plus sections entitled New Poems [originally published in Collected Poems, 1938]; and Uncollected Poems]

John B Wheelwright:
Collected Poems [of John Wheelwright] [includes Rock and Shell [1933]; Mirrors of Venus [1938]; Political Self-Portrait [1940]; Dusk to Dusk, a fourth book of poetry prepared for publication at the time of the author's death, but left unpublished until this collection; plus a section entitled Additional Poems [three poems originally published in Diogenes, Dec. 1940/Jan. 1941; one poem originally published in Fantasy, 1940; five poems originally published in Eight More Harvard Poets, 1923--his other five poems from that anthology having been incorporated into later works--and other poems either previously unpublished or uncollected in book form]

Robert Fitzgerald:
Spring Shade: Poems[, 1931-1970] [includes Poems [1935]; A Wreath for the Sea [1943]; In the Rose of Time [1956]; plus sections entitled Poems, 1956-1970 and Selected Translations]

Louise Brogan:
The Blue Estuaries: Selected Poems [1968; 105 poems, 26 of which originally published in the New Yorker, one originally published in Art News, and one and part of another originally published in Poetry]

Léonie Adams:
Poems: A Selection [1954; Section II, entitled As Apt Was Joy, includes selections from Those Not Elect, 1925, and High Falcon and Other Poems, 1929; Section I, Fruits of Two Seasons, previously unpublished]

Hart Crane:
Complete Poems and Selected Letters and Prose [includes White Buildings [1926]; The Bridge [1930]; plus a section entitled Uncollected Poems split into three sections: Early Poems; Late Poems: Key West: An Island Sheaf; More Late Poems; and a section entitled Selected Prose]

Allen Tate:
Collected Poems

F Scott Fitzgerald:
Babylon Revisited and Other Stories [originally published in varied periodicals: the Saturday Evening Post, the Smart Set, Metropolitan, the American Mercury, the Red Book Magazine, and Esquire, 1920-37selections from Flappers and Philosophers, 1920; Tales of the Jazz Age, 1922; All the Sad Young Men, 1926; Taps at Reveille, 1935; The Stories of F Scott Fitzgerald, 1951]
The Great Gatsby [1925]
Tender Is the Night [originally published serially Jan.-Apr. 1934 in Scribner's Magazine]

William Faulkner:
As I Lay Dying [1930]
Sanctuary [1931]
Light in August [1932]
Absalom, Absalom! [1936]
The Sound and the Fury [1929]
The Wild Palms [If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem] [1939]
Collected Stories[ of William Faulkner] [includes These 13; and all except 'Smoke' from Dr. Martino and Other Stories]
The Hamlet [1940]

Ernest Hemingway:
[The ]Complete Short Stories[ of Ernest Hemingway] [1987; includes the stories published in The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories, 1938; plus sections entitled Short Stories Published in Books or Magazines Subsequent to "The First Forty-nine", and Previously Unpublished Fiction]
{} A Farewell to Arms
{} The Sun Also Rises
{} The Garden of Eden

John Steinbeck:
The Grapes of Wrath [1939]

Zora Neale Hurston:
Their Eyes Were Watching God [1937]

Nathanael West:
Miss Lonelyhearts [1933]
A Cool Million [1934]
The Day of the Locust [1939]

Richard Wright:
Native Son [1940]
Black Boy [originally published in two volumes: Black Boy, 1945; and American Hunger, published in part serially, in its entirety, 1977]

Eudora Welty:
[The ]Collected Stories[ of Eudora Welty] [includes A Curtain of Green and Other Stories, 1941; The Wide Net and Other Stories, 1943; The Golden Apples, 1949; The Bride of the Innisfallen and Other Stories, 1955; plus two 'Uncollected Stories': 'Where Is the Voice Coming From?', originally published in the New Yorker, 1963, and 'The Demonstrators', originally published in the New Yorker, 1966]
Delta Wedding [1946]
The Robber Bridegroom [1942]
The Ponder Heart [originally published 1953 in the New Yorker]

Langston Hughes:
Selected Poems [1959; selections from The Weary Blues, 1926; Fine Clothes to the Jew, 1927; Dear Lovely Death, 1931; Shakespeare in Harlem, 1942; Fields of Wonder, 1947; One-Way Ticket, 1949; Montage of a Dream Deferred, 1951; plus other poems previously unpublished in book form; and new poems]
The Big Sea [1956]
I Wonder As I Wander [1940]

Edmund Wilson:
The Shores of Light[: A Literary Chronicle of the Twenties and Thirties] [1952; originally published in varied periodicals]
Patriotic Gore[: Studies in the Literature of the American Civil War] [1962]

Kenneth Burke:
Counter-Statement [1931]
A Rhetoric of Motives [1950]

Joseph Mitchell:
Up in the Old Hotel[ and Other Stories] [originally published in the New Yorker; includes McSorley's Wonderful Saloon, 1943-- expanded for this edition; Old Mr. Flood, 1948; The Bottom of the Harbor, 1960; and Joe Gould's Secret, 1965] 

Abraham Cahan:
The Rise of David Levinsky [1917]

Kay Boyle:
Three Short Novels [1958; includes The Crazy Hunter [originally published as part of The Crazy Hunter: Three Short Novels [1940]]; The Bridgegroom's Body [originally published as part of The Crazy Hunter: Three Short Novels [1940]]; Decision [originally published as 'Passport to Doom' in the Saturday Evening Post, 1948]

Ellen Glasgow:
Barren Ground [1925]
Vein of Iron [1935]

John P Marquand:
H M Pulham, Esquire [1941]

John O'Hara:
Collected Stories [1selections from The Doctor's Son and Other Stories, 1935; Files on Parade, 1939; Pipe Night, 1945; Hellbox, 1947; Sermons and Soda Water, 1960; Assembly, 1961; The Cape Cod Lighter, 1962; The Hat on the Bed, 1963; The Horse Knows the Way, 1964; Waiting for Winter, 1966; And Other Stories, 1968]
Appointment in Samarra [1934]

Henry Roth:
Call It Sleep [1934]

Thornton Wilder:
Three Plays [1957] [includes Our Town [1938]; The Skin of Our Teeth [1942]; The Matchmaker [1955; based on his earlier 1938 play, The Merchant of Yongers, itself based on John Oxenford's A Day Well Spent, 1835, and Johann Nestroy's Einen Jux Will er Sich Machen, 1842]

Robert Penn Warren:
All the King's Men [1946]
World Enough and Time [1950]
Selected Poems[, 1923-1975] [1976; includes Audubon: A Vision [1969]; and selections from Selected Poems, 1923-1943, 1944; Promises: Poems 1954-1956, 1957; You, Emperors, and Other Poems 1957-1960, 1960; Incarnations: Poems 1966-1968, 1968; Or Else: Poem/ Poems 1968-1974, 1974; plus a section of poems previously unpublished in book form entitled Tale of Time: Poems 1960-1966; and a section of new poems entitled Can I See Arcturus From Where I Stand? Poems 1975] [Bloom could have intended to list New and Selected Poems, 1923-1985, as that volume was published closer to the publication date of The Western Canon; however, both volumes include the entirety of Aubudon, so that work is included regardless] 

Delmore Schwartz:
Selected Poems: Summer Knowledge [first section, The Dream of Knowledge, originally published as In Dreams Begin Responsibilites, 1938; revised and expanded for this book; second section, Summer Knowledge, published in part in Vaudeville for a Princess, Mutiny, and Genesis Book One, and in the New Yorker and Art News]

Weldon Kees:
[The ]Collected Poems[ of Weldon Kees] [includes The Last Man [1943]; The Fall of the Magicians [1947]; Poems, 1947-1954 [1954]; plus a section entitled Uncollected Poems]

Elizabeth Bishop:
The Complete Poems[, 1927-1979] [includes North and South [1946]; Poems: North and South&151;A Cold Spring [which includes North and South and a section of new poems, Cold Spring]; Questions of Travel [1965]; plus sections entitled Translations From the Portuguese; and New and Uncollected Work]

John Berryman:
Collected Poems [1989; includes The Dispossessed [1948]; Homage to Mistress Bradstreet [1956]; Berryman's Sonnets [1967]; Love and Fame [1971]; Delusions Etc. [1972]; selections from Poems, 1942; and His Thought Made Pockets and the Plane Buckt, 1958; plus nine of twenty poems originally published in Five Young American Poets, 1940; and 'Formal Elegy', originally published in Of Poetry and Power: Poems Occasioned by the Presidency and Death of John F Kennedy, 1964, and later included in Short Poems, 1967]

Paul Bowles:
The Sheltering Sky [1949]

Randall Jarrell:
Complete Poems [includes Blood for a Stranger [1942]; Little Friend, Little Friend [1945]; Losses [1948]; The Seven-League Crutches [1951]; The Woman at the Washington Zoo [1960]; The Lost World [1965]; selections from 'The Rage for the Lost Penny', Jarrell's portion of Five Young American Poets, 1940; plus sections entitled New Poems; Uncollected Poems (1934-1965); and Unpublished Poems (1935-1965)]

Charles Olson:
The Maximus Poems [originally published in five volumes: The Maximus Poems 1-10, 1953; The Maximus Poems, 11-22, 1956; The Maximus Poems IV, V, VI, 1968; The Maximus Poems: Volume Three, 1975]
[The ]Collected Poems[ of Charles Olson] [includes Y & X [1948]; In Cold Hell, in Thicket [1953; includes one poem originally published in Y & X]; The Distances [1960; includes nine poems originally published in In Cold Hell, in Thicket]; O'Ryan [1960; expanded 1965]; West [1966]; plus poems originally published in Archaeologist of Morning, 1970; poems previously uncollected in book form; and poems previously unpublished; the introduction states, "three-quarters of the roughly four hundred poems presented here were never published in his lifetime"--presumably some of that three-fourths was originally published in Archaeologist, a posthumous collection]

Robert Hayden:
Collected Poems [includes {} A Ballad of Remembrance [1962]; {} Words in the Mourning Time [1970]; {} The Night-Blooming Cereus [1972]; {} Angle of Ascent [1975]; {} American Journal [1982]]

Robert Lowell:
Collected Poems [indeterminate selection; Lowell's Complete Poems was not published until 2003]

Theodore Roethke:
[The ]Collected Poems[ of Theodore Roethke] [includes Open House [1941]; The Lost Son and Other Poems [1948]; The Far Field [1964]; selections from Praise to the End!, 1951; The Waking, 1953; Words for the Wind, 1958; I Am! Says the Lamb, 1961; and a section entitled Previously Uncollected Poems] 
[and David Wagoner - ]Straw for the Fire[: From the Notebooks of Theodore Roethke, 1943-63] [1972]

James Agee:
Permit Me Voyage [1934]
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men (with Walker Evans) [1941]

Jean Garrigue:
Selected Poems [selections from Thirty-Six Poems and a Few Songs, 1944; The Ego and the Centaur, 1947; The Monument Rose, 1953; A Water Walk by Villa d'Este, 1959; Country Without Maps, 1964; New and Selected Poems, 1967; Chartres and Prose Poems, 1970; Studies for an Actress and Other Poems, 1973; plus a section entitled Uncollected Poems]

May Swenson:
New and Selected Things Taking Place [1978; published in part in varied periodicals; plus selections from Iconographs, 1970; Half Sun Half Sleep: New Poems, 1967; To Mix With Time: New and Selected Poems, 1963; A Cage of Spines, 1958; Another Animal, 1954]
In Other Words

Robert Duncan:
Bending the Bow [1968]

Richard Wilbur:
New and Collected Poems [includes The Beautiful Changes and Other Poems [1947]; Ceremony and Other Poems [1950]; Things of This World [1956]; Advice to a Prophet and Other Poems [1961]; Walking to Sleep [1969]; The Mind-Reader [1976]; plus a section entitled New Poems]

Richard Eberhart:
Collected Poems [1930-1986] [selections from A Bravery of Earth, 1930; Reading the Spirit, 1936; Song and Idea, 1940; Poems New and Selected, 1944; Burr Oaks, 1947; Selected Poems, 1951; Undercliff: Poems 1946-1953, 1953; Great Praises, 1957; Collected Poems 1930-1960, 1960; The Quarry: New Poems, 1964; Selected Poems 1930-1965, 1965; Shifts of Being, 1968; Fields of Grace, 1972; Ways of Light: Poems 1972-1980, 1980; Four Poems, 1980; Florida Poems, 1981; The Long Reach: New and Uncollected Works 1948–1984, 1984; plus poems originally published in The Bread Loaf Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry, 1985; and 13 new poems]

M B Tolson:
Harlem Gallery [1965]

Kenneth Koch:
Seasons on Earth [1987]

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