18 June

The Chaotic Age: Latin America:
Rubén Dario:
Selected Poetry [Selected Poems of Rubén Dario, 1965; selections from Abrojos; Rimas; Azul, 1888; Prosas Profanas y Otros Poemas, 1896; Cantos de Vida y Esperanza; Los Cisnes y Otros Poemas; El Canto Errante; Poema del Oto&&etilde;o y Otros Poemas; Canto a la Argentina y Otros Poems; and a section entitled Miscellaneous Poems]

Jorge Luis Borges:
{} The Aleph and Other Stories
{} Dreamtigers (The Maker)
{} Ficciones
A Personal Anthology

Alejo Carpentier:
{} Explosion in a Cathedral
{} The Lost Steps
{} Reasons of State
{} The Kingdom of This World

Guillermo Cabrera Infante:
{} Three Trapped Tigers
{} View of Dawn in the Tropics

Severo Sarduy:
{} Maitreya

Reinaldo Arenas:
{} The Ill-Fated Peregrinations of Fray Servando

Pablo Neruda:
{} Canto General [1950], translated by Jack Schmitt
{} [Residencia en la Tierra] Residence on Earth [originally published in three volumes: Residencia I, 1933; Residencia II, 1935; Tercera Residencia, 1947], translated by Donald Walsh
{} Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair, translated by W S Merwin
{} Full Empowered, translated by Alastair Reed
Selected Poems[ of Pablo Neruda], translated by Ben Belitt [1961; excerpts from Residence on Earth; Canto General; Odas Elementales, 1954; Nuevas Odas Elementales, 1956; Tercer Libro de las Odas, 1957; Estravagario, 1958; Navegaciones y Regresos, 1959]

Nicolás Guillén:
Selected Poems [Assuming here that Bloom intended Man-Making Worlds: Selected Poems of Nicolás Guillén, which in both editions among other selections includes {} La Paloma de Vuelo Popular (Elegías) [1958]]

Octavio Paz:
The Collected Poems
{} The Labyrinth of Solitude

César Vallejo:
Selected Poems, translated by H R Hays [1981; selections from Los Heraldos Negros, 1918; Trilce, 1922; España, Aparta de Mí Este Cáliz, 1939; Poemas Humanas, 1939]
Spain, This Take Cup From Me

Miguel Angel Asturias:
{} Men of Maize

José Lezama Lima:
{} Paradiso

Josée Donoso:
{} The Obscene Bird of Night

Julio Cortázar:
{} Hopscotch
All Fires the Fire, translated by Suzanne Jill Levin [stories: 'The Southern Thruway'; 'The Health of the Sick'; 'Meeting'; 'Nurse Cora'; 'The Island at Noon'; 'Instructions for John Howell'; 'All Fires the Fire'; 'The Other Heaven']
Blow-Up and Other Stories, translated by Paul Blackburn [1967; originally entitled The End of the Game and Other Stories; includes Las Armas Secretas [1959] and selections from Besiario, 1951; and Final del Juego, 1956]

Gabriel García Marquez:
{} One Hundred Years of Solitude, translated by Gregory Rabassa
{} Love in the Time of Cholera, translated by Edith Grossman

Mario Vargas Llosa:
{} The War of the End of the World

Carlos Fuentes:
{} A Change of Skin
{} Terra Nostra

Carlos Drummond de Andrade:
Travelling in the Family, translated by Elizabeth Bishop, et al. [selections from Alguma Poesia (Some Poetry) [1930]; Brejo das Almas (Wasteland of Souls) [1934]; Sentimento do Mundo (A Feeling About the World) [1940]; José [1942]; A Rosa do Povo (Rose of the People) [1945]; Novos Poemas (New Poems) [1947]; Claro Enigma (Evident Enigma) [1951]; A Vida Passado a Limp (Fair Copy of Life) [1958]; A Paixão Medida (Passion Measured) [1980]]

The West Indies:
C L R James:
{} The Black Jacobins[: 
Toussaint L'Ouverture and the San Domingo Revolution] [1938]
The Future in the Present [1977]

V S Naipul:
{} A Bend in the River
{} A House for Mr. Biswas [1961]

Derek Walcott:
Collected Poems [includes {} Another Life [1973]; selections from In a Green Light: Poems 1948-1960, 1962; Selected Poems, 1964; The Castaway and Other Poems, 1965; The Gulf and Other Poems, 1969; Sea Grapes, 1976; The Star-Apple Kingdom, 1979; The Fortunate Traveller, 1981; Midsummer, 1984]

Wilson Harris:
The Guyana Quartet [{} Palace of the Peacock [1960]; {} The Far Journey of Oudin [1961]; {} The Whole Armour [1962]; {} The Secret Ladder [1963]

Michael Thelwell:
{} The Harder They Come [1980]

Aimé Cesairé:
Collected Poetry [1983; includes revised versions of {} Cahier d'un Retour au Pays Natal [originally published in Volontés, Aug. 1939]; {} Les Armes Miraculeuses [1946; revised 1970]; {} Soleil cou Coupé [1948; revised and coupled with Corps Perdu as Cadastre, 1961]; {} Corps Perdu [1950; revised and coupled with Soleil cou Coupé as Cadastre, 1961]; {} Ferrements [1960; originally published in Présence Africaine, 1955-59]; and Noria, published in part in varied publications, 1955-76, in its entirety as part of Oeuvres Complètes, 1976; this collection features the Oeuvres Complètes versions]

Chinua Achebe:
{} Things Fall Apart
{} Arrow of Gold
{} No Longer at Ease

Wole Soyinka:
{} A Dance of the Forest

Amos Tutuola:
{} The Palm-Wine Drunkard and His Dead Palm-Wine Tapster in the Dead's Town

Christopher Okigbo:
Labyrinths, with Path of Thunder

John Pepper Clark(-Bekederemo)
{} Casualties: Poems

Ayi K Armah:
{} The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born [1968]

Wa Thiong'o Ngugi:
{} A Grain of Wheat

Gabriel Okara:
The Fisherman's Invocation

Nadine Gordimer:
Collected Stories [indeterminate selection; a Collected Stories for this author was not published until 2010]

J M Coetzee:
{} Foe [1986]

Athol Fugard:
{} A Lesson From Aloes [1978]

Léopold S Senghor:
Selected Poems [1966; selections from Chants d'Ombre, 1945; Hosties Noires, 1948; Chants Pour Naett, 1949; Éthiopiques, 1956; Nocturnes, 1961 [which includes Chants Pour Naëtt, retitled Chants Pour Signare, and a selection of new poems]]

India (in English):
R K Narayan:
{} The Guide

Salman Rushdie:
{} Midnight's Children

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala:
{} Heat and Dust [1975]

Malcolm Lowry:
{} Under the Volcano [1947]

Robertson Davies:
The Deptford Trilogy [{} Fifth Business [1970]; {} The Manticore [1972]; {} World of Wonders [1975]]
{} The Rebel Angels [1981]

Alice Munro:
Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You

Northrop Frye:
{} Fables of Identity

Anne Hébert:
Selected Poems [1987; selections from Le Tombeau des Rois, 1953; and Poèmes, 1960 [which included Tombeau and a section of new poems entitled Le Mystère de la Parole] plus a section entitled Uncollected Poems]

Jay Macpherson:
Poems Twice Told [{} The Boatman [1957]; {} Welcoming Disaster [1974]]

Margaret Atwood:
{} Surfacing [1972]

Daryl Hine:
Selected Poems [selections from Five Poems, 1954; The Carnal and the Crane, 1959; The Devil's Picture Book, 1961; The Wooden Horse, 1965; Minutes, 1968; Resident Alien, 1975; Daylight Saving, 1978]

Australia and New Zealand:
Miles (Stella) Franklin:
{} My Brilliant Career [1901]

Katherine Mansfield:
The Short Stories[ of Katherine Mansfield] [includes Bliss, 1921; The Garden Party, and Other Stories, 1922; plus other stories previously uncollected in book form, and a section entitled Unfinished Stories]

A D Hope:
Collected Poems [selections from The Wandering Islands, 1955; Poems, 1962; A D Hope, 1963; plus poems not previously published in book form]

Patrick White:
{} Riders in the Chariot [1961]
{} A Fringe of Leaves [1976]
{} Voss [1957]

Christina Stead:
{} The Man Who Loved Children [1940]

Judith Wright:
Selected Poems [indeterminate selection]

Les A Murray:
The Rabbiter's Bounty: Collected Poems [selections from The Ilex Tree [1965]; The Weatherboard Cathedral [1969]; Poems Against Economics [1972]; Lunch and Counter Lunch [1974]; Ethnic Radio [1977]; The People's Otherworld [1983]; The Daylight Moon [1987]]

Thomas Keneally:
{} The Playmaker [1987]
{} [Schlinder's Ark] Schlinder's List [1982]

David Malouf:
{} An Imaginary Life [1978]

Kevin Hart:
{} Peniel [1991] and Other Poems

Peter Carey:
{} Oscar and Lucinda [1988]
{} Illywhacker [1985]


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