17 June

The Chaotic Age: Serbo-Croat:
Ivo Andrić:
{} The Bridge on the Drina [1945]

Vasko Popa:
Selected Poems

Danilo Kis:
{} A Tomb for Boris Davidovich [1976]

Karel Čapek:
{} War With the Newts [1936]
{} R U R [1920]

Vaclav Havel:
{} Largo Desolato [1986]

Milan Kundera:
{} The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Jaroslav Seifert:
Selected Poetry [selections from Město v Slzách [Town in Tears], 1921; Samá Láska [Nothing but Love], 1923; Svatební Cesta [Honeymoon], 1925; Slavík Zpívá Špatně [The Nightingale Sings Badly], 1926; Poštovní Holub [Carrier Pigeon], 1929; Jablko z Klína [An Apple From Your Lap[, 1933; Ruce Venušiny [The Hands of Venus], 1936; Zpíváno do Rotačky [Songs for the Rotary Press], 1936; Zhasněte Světla [Put Out the Lights], 1938; Světlem Oděná [Robed in Light], 1940; Přilba Hlíny [A Helmetful of Earth], 1947; Koncert na Ostrově [Concert on the Island], 1965; Halleyova Kometa [Halley's Comet], 1967; Odlévání Zvonů [The Casting of Bells], 1967; Morový Sloup [The Plague Column], 1978; Deštník z Piccadilly [An Umbrella From Piccadilly], 1979; All the Beauties of the World, 1979; Býti Básníkem [To Be a Poet], 1983]

Miroslav Holub:
The Fly

Bruno Schulz:
{} [Sklepy Cynamonowe] The Street of Crocodiles [1934]
{} [Sanatorium Pod KlepsydrąSanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass [1937]

Czeslaw Milosz:
Selected Poems [1973; 1980 edition includes an additional poem, 'A Magic Mountain']

Witold Gombrowicz:
Three Novels [{} Ferdydurke [1937]; {} Pornografia [1960]; {} Kosmos [1965]]

Stanislaw Lem:
{} [Ś
ledztwo] The Investigation [1959]
{} Solaris [1961]

Zbigniew Herbert:
Selected Poems [1977; selections from Chord of Light, 1956; Hermes, Dog, and Star, 1957; Study of the Object, 1961; Inscription, 1969; Mr. Cogito, 1974; plus poems previously unpublished and originally published in Twórczość; features versions from Collected Poems, 1971]

Adam Zagajewski:

Attila József:
Perched on Nothing's Branch

Ferenc Juhasz:
[The Boy Changed Into a Stag: ]Selected Poems[ 1949-1967] [selections from The Winged Colt, 1949; The Sántha Family, 1950; My Father, 1950; New Poems, 1951; Ode to Flying, 1953; Laying Hold of the Sun and the Moon, 1954; The Spendthrift Country, 1954; Power of the Flowers, 1955; The Breeding Country: Collected Poems 1946-1956, 1957; The Flowering World Tree. Selected Poems 1946-1964, 1965; Battling the White Lamb, 1965; Legends of the Holy Flood of Fire, 1969]

Laszlo Nemeth:
{} Guilt

Modern Greek:
C P Cavafy:
Collected Poems

George Seferis:
Collected Poems [1967; expanded 1969; revised and expanded 1981; includes {} Turning Point [1931]; {} The Cistern [1932]; {} Mythistorima [1935]; {} Book of Exercises [1940]; {} Logbook I [1940]; {} Logbook II [1944]; {} "Thrush" [1947]; {} Logbook III [1955]; {} Three Secret Poems [1966]; and selections from Book of Exercises II, 1976]

Nikos Kazantzakis:
{} The Greek Passion [Christ Recrucified]
{} The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel [1938]

Yannis Ritsos:
Exile and Return

Odysseas Elytis:
What I Love: Selected Poems

Angelos Sikelianos:
Selected Poems [1979]

Sholem Aleichem:
Tevye the Diaryman and 

The Railroad Stories, translated by Hillel Halkin
The Nightingale, translated by Aliza Shevrin

Mendele Mokher Seforim:
{} The Travels and Adventures of Benjamin the Third

I L Peretz:
Selected Stories

Jacob Glatstein:
Selected Poems

Moshe-Leib Halpern:
Selected Poems [Bloom could be referring to In New York: A Selection, but this will remain an indeterminate selection]

H Leivick (Leivick Halpern):
Selected Poems [indeterminate selection?]

Israel Joshua Singer:
{} The Brothers Ashkenazi
{} Yoshe Kalb

Chaim Grade:
{} The Yeshiva [originally published in two volumes, 1967-68]

S Ansky:
{} The Dybbuk [1914]

Mani Leib:
Selected Poems [indeterminate selection?]

Sholem Asch:
{} East River

Isaac Bashevis Singer:
[The ]Collected Stories[ of Isaac Bashevis Singer] [1982; originally published in the New Yorker, A Treasury  of Yiddish Stories, and other publications]
{} In My Father's Court
{} The Manor, {} the Estate, {} the Family Moskat
{} Satan in Goray

Hayyim Nahman Bialik:
Shirot Bialik: The Epic Poems

S Y Agnon:
{} In the Heart of the Seas
Twenty-One Stories [originally published 1919-50; 10 of these 21 stories form part of The Book of Deeds]

Aharon Appelfeld:
{} The Immortal Bartfuss
{} Badenheim 1939

Yaakov Shabtai:
{} Past Continuous

Yehuda Amichai:
[The ]Selected Poetry[ of Yehuda Amichai], translated by Stephen Mitchell and Chana Bloch [selections from Now and in Other Days, 1955; Two Hopes Away, 1958; Poems, 1948-1962; Now in the Storm, Poems 1963-1968; Behind All This a Great Happiness Is Hiding, 1976; Time, 1978; A Great Tranquility: Questions and Answers, 1980; The Hour of Grace, 1983; From Man Thou Art and Unto Man Shalt Thou Return, 1985]
Travels, translated by Ruth Nevo

A B Yehoshua:
{} A Late Divorce

Amos Oz:
{} A Perfect Peace

T Carmi:
At the Stone of Losses, translated by Grace Shulman

Nathan Zach:
Selected Poems [The Static Element: Selected Poems of Nathan Zach] [1982]

Dalia Ravikovitch:
A Dress of Fire

Dan Pagis:
Selected Poems [Variable Directions: The Selected Poetry of Dan Pagis] [1989]

David Shahar:
{} The Palace of Shattered Vessels [1975 English translation published in part in News From Jerusalem as 'Moses and the Negress', 'The King's Eye', and 'The Dove and the Moon'; and in Commentary; 1988 English translation of first and second novels in eight-novel sequence published as Summer in the Streets of the Prophet [Ḳayits be-Derekh ha-Neviʼim]; and, A Voyage to Ur of the Chaldees [a-Masaʻ le-Ur-Kaśdim]]

David Grossman:
{} See Under: Love

Yoram Kaniuk:
{} His Daughter

Najib Mahfuz:
{} Midaq Alley
{} Fountain and Tomb
{} Miramar

Selected Poems

Mahmud Darwish:
The Music of Human Flesh [1980]

Taha Husayn:
An Egyptian Childhood [part of The Days]

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