13 June

The Chaotic Age: Italy
Luigi Pirandello:
{} Naked Masks: Five Plays, translated by Eric Bentley and others

{} Gabriele D'Annunzio:
Maia: In Praise of Life

{} Dino Campana:
Orphic Songs, translated by Charles Wright

Umberto Saba:
Stories and Recollections, translated by Estelle Gilson

{} Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa:
The Leopard, translated by Archibald Colquhoun

Giuseppe Ungaretti:
Selected Poems, translated by Allen Mandelbaum
The Buried Harbor: Selected Poems, translated by Kevin Hart

Eugenio Montale:
(translated by William Arrowsmith)
  The Storm and Other Things: Poems
  The Occasions: Poems
  Cuttlefish Bones: Poems
(translated by Jonathan Galassi)
  Otherwise: Last and First Poems
  The Second Life of Art: Selected Essays

Salvatore Quasimodo:
Selected Writings: Poems and Discourse on Poetry, translated by Allen Mandelbaum

Tommaso Landolfi:
Gogol's Wife and Other Stories

Leonardo Sciascia:
{} Day of the Owl
{} Equal Danger
The Wine-Dark Sea: Thirteen Stories

Pier Paolo Pasolini:
Poems, translated by Norman MacAfee with Luciano Martinengo

Cesare Pavese:
Hard Labor: Poems, translated by William Arrowsmith
Dialogues with Leucò, translated by William Arrowsmith and D S Carne-Ross

Primo Levi:
{} If Not Now, When? translated by William Weaver
Collected Poems
{} The Periodic Table

Italo Svevo:
{} The Confessions of Zeno
{} As a Man Grows Older

Giorgio Bassani:
The Heron, translated by William Weaver

Natalia Ginzburg:

{} Elio Vittorini:
Women of Messina

{} Alberto Moravia:
1934, translated by William Weaver

Andrea Zanzotto:
Selected Poetry

Italo Calvino:
{} Invisible Cities, translated by William Weaver
{} The Baron in the Trees, translated by Archibald Colquhoun
{} If on a Winter's Night a Traveller, translated by William Weaver
{} t zero, translated by William Weaver

Antonio Porta:
Kisses from Another Dream: Poems.

Miguel de Unamuno:
Three Exemplary Novels, translated by Angel Flores
{} Our Lord Don Quixote, translated by Anthony Kerrigan

Antonio Machado:
Selected Poems, translated by Alan S Trueblood

Juan Ramón Jiménez:
Invisible Reality: Poems, translated by Antonio T de Nicolas

Pedro Salinas:
My Voice Because of You: Poems, translated by Willis Barnstone

Jorge Guillén:
Guillén on Guillén: The Poetry and the Poet, translated by Reginald Gibbons

Vincente Aleixandre:
A Longing for the Night: Selected Poems

Federico García Lorca:
Selected Poems
{} Three Tragedies: Blood Wedding, Yerma, The House of Bernarda Alba

Rafael Alberti:
The Owl's Insomnia: Poems, translated by Mark Strand

Luis Cernuda:
Selected Poems, translated by Reginald Gibbons

Miguel Hern ández:
Selected Poems

Blas de Otero:
Selected Poems

Camilo José Cela:
{} The Hive

Juan Goytisolo:
Space in Motion, translated by Helen R Lane

Carles Ribá:
Selected Poems

J V Foix:
Selected Poems

{} Joan Perucho:
Natural History, translated by David H Rosenthal

{} Merce Rodoreda:
The Time of the Doves, translated by David H Rosenthal

Pere Gimferrer:
Selected Poems

Salvador Espriú
La Pell de Brau: Poems, translated by Burton Raffel

Fernando Pessoa:
{} The Keeper of Sheep, translated by Edwin Honig and Susan M Brown
Poems, translated by Edwin Honig and Susan M Brown
Selected Poems, translated by Peter Rickard
Always Astonished: Selected Prose, translated by Edwin Honig
{} The Book of Disquiet, translated by Alfred Mac Adam

Jorge de Sena:
Selected Poems

José Saramago:
{} Baltasar and Blimunda

José Cardoso Pires:
{} Ballad of Dogs' Beach

Sophia de Mello Breyner:
Selected Poems

Eugénio de Andrade:
Selected Poems

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