29 May

While most regular Web readers have perused the texts available at the Internet Archive or Project Gutenberg, plenty other relatively-obscure, even somewhat private, sites also offer complete works of literature transcribed, or even translated, by the creators of the site. Obviously, scans of books are preferable, eliminating the possibility of transcription error or perhaps unnecessary additional translations. Nonetheless, these sites, when they are the work of serious scholars, are excellent resources. I'm going to try to find more of these soon enough, but for now: I've recently came across a page of electronic texts by a English professor at Rutgers-Newark. And a massive list of literature anthologies, often with tables of content included, from a professor at George Mason University: Multicultural and World Literature Anthologies.

Poetry in Translation is a larger resource, featuring original translations by A S Kline.

Bibliomania is not quite as rigorous in its documentation, but it offers more.