27 May

Returning to the subject matter of the 14 May post... The Miracles [1958-1965] and Smokey Robinson and the Miracles [1965-1972] (Robinson's exist prompted a return to the plain Miracles moniker), from the time of its landmark debut L P, Hi... We're the Miracles, in 1961, tended to include only a few tracks that had been released as singles, usually typical first singles from an album released in advance of said album. Not surprisingly, the album often listed as their best from this era, Going to a Go-Go [1965], had six tracks out of 12 previously released on singles, one of which came out a little more than a month before the album. Special Occasion [1968] included four (out of 11 tracks) that had been released as singles, while Time Out for Smokey Robinson and the Miracles had four previously-released tracks out of its 12 total. Only one album, One Dozen Roses [1971], unequivocally counts as a compilation: 7 of its 12 tracks had been released, two of them more than two years prior to the album's release, plus 'The Tears of a Clown', which was released on an album in 1967 (three years prior to its release, and surprise success, as a single).