28 April

Recently having disposed of several hundred issues of the Nation while trimming my collection of magazines, I made note of articles I had neglected to read, or perhaps had read but have forgotten the gist of, and "bookmarked" them at the Nation's web site. Regardless of one's political and ideological proclivities, the 'Books and the Arts' section of the Nation is nearly always excellent in its entirety. No other North American publication compares, and beyond these borders the only publication I have experienced that surpasses the Nation consistently is the London Review of Books. Here are links to some of the articles that would are pertinent to this site's "great books" project (access to some of these might be limited to subscribers):

Jonathan Blitzer, A Reign Not of This World

Richard Byrne, Ranters and Corantos: Renaissance Journalism

Jordan Davis, A Caller of the Dove 

Jochen Hellbeck, The Maximalist: On Vasily Grossman

Victor La Valle, Bierced

Thomas Meaney, Library Man: On Claude Lévi-Strauss  

Ange Mlinko, Duncan's Divagations: On Robert Duncan and H D

Corey Robin, The First Counter-Revolutionary 

Ruth Scurr, To Curse and Fume

Emily Wilson, Violent Grace: Anne Carson's An Oresteia