26 April

The free previously-unreleased material made available via the Deerhunter/ Atlas Sound blog, having slowed down in the latter half of 2009, came to an end in 2010.

First, a lone track.... 
6 January 2010: Christmas Synths

Then a significant chunk of music came in the form of the Bedroom Databank series: Vol. 1 on 22 November, Vol. 2 on 23 November, Vol. 3 on 24 November, and Vol. 4 on 25 November.

The last original Atlas Sound material to be posted at the blog was a selection of versions of the song 'Artificial Snow' on 22 December: 'Artificial Snow (Notown Version)'; Artificial Snow (Bedroom Version)'; Artificial Snow (Rhythm Mix)'; 'Artificial Snow (No Drums Mix)'; and 'Artificial Snow (Campfire Metallophone Version)'.