24 April

The Great Books List [2007] and World Canonical Texts [2011] are two online-only lists of great books. Both of these lists suggest that the easy self-publishing made possible by internet technology is no threat to the quality of publishing or education. The latter list is the only "great books" list to be truly non-Western; if any bias is evident, it is toward Classical Chinese and Muslim authors. It also uses the word, canonical, in a relatively-strict sense of the word, with a strong emphasis on religious and philosophical texts. It is the fourth-longest list to used in this project, after Clifton Fadiman's, Philip Ward's, and Harold Bloom's. The former is closer to the lists we've seen so far; being fairly extensive, it offers plenty of items not found on the other lists. I've been working on the transcription of the Canonical list for some time now. The other I just recently came across.