18 April

At this point we only know the numbering of the first-fourth of Neil Young's Official Release Series (the name given reissues of previously-released items reissue as part of his Archives, as compared to, so far, the Performance Series). Given the complexity of his discography, I couldn't help but devise my own numbering of his official releases to date with those four as a base, plus some wishful thinking on my part: namely, that the soundtrack for Journey Through the Past, despite not being reissued with the first-fourth albums, will finally get a digital release. The film was included in the first Archives boxed set. However, it was not released individually, which already suggests my notion of including the films in the Official Release tally is doomed to failure. Neil, there's still time to rectify this!
  1. Neil Young
  2. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
  3. After the Gold Rush
  4. Harvest*
  5. Journey Through the Past: Original Soundtrack Recordings
  6. Journey Through the Past [film]
  7. Time Fades Away
  8. On the Beach
  9. Tonight's the Night*
  10. Zuma
  11. American Stars n' Bars
  12. Comes a Time
  13. Rust Never Sleeps [album]
  14. Live Rust
  15. Rust Never Sleeps [film]
  16. Hawks and Doves
  17. Re-ac-tor
  18. Human Highway
  19. Live in Berlin
  20. Trans
  21. Solo Trans
  22. Everbody's Rockin'
  23. Old Ways
  24. Landing on Water
  25. Life
  26. This Note's for You
  27. Eldorado
  28. Freedom*
  29. Freedom: A Live Acoustic Concert film
  30. Ragged Glory
  31. Arc-Weld [album]
  32. Weld [film]
  33. Harvest Moon
  34. Unplugged [album]
  35. Unplugged [film]
  36. Sleeps With Angels
  37. The Complex Sessions
  38. Mirror Ball
  39. Dead Man
  40. Broken Arrow
  41. Year of the Horse [album]
  42. Year of the Horse [film]
  43. Silver and Gold [album]
  44. Silver and Gold [film]
  45. Road Rock, Vol. 1: Friends and Relatives
  46. Red Rocks Live
  47. Are You Passionate?
  48. Greendale [film]
  49. Greendale [album]
  50. Greendale [concert film]
  51. Greendale [documentary]
  52. Prarie Wind
  53. Heart of Gold
  54. Living With War
  55. Living With War: "In the Beginning"
  56. Chrome Dreams II
  57. Trunk Show
  58. Fork in the Road
  59. Le Noise
  60. Journeys
  61. Americana
  62. Psychedelic Pill
Studio albums (or albums with only one live track--marked with an asterik): 33
Concert albums that are also major albums: 3 (Time Fades Away, Rust Never Sleeps, and Life)--though both Rust Never Sleeps and Life have two studio tracks

Concert albums: 5 (Live Rust, Arc-Weld, Unplugged, Year of the Horse, Road Rock Vol. 1)

Minor albums: 3 (Journey Through the Past: Original Soundtrack Recordings, Eldorado, and Living With War: "In the Beginning")--though generally referred to as an E P, Eldorado is of L P length

Concert films: 14

Films: 4 (Journey Through the Past, Human Highway, Greendale, and the Greendale documentary); also Young, under his filmic pseudonym Bernard Shakey, directed C S N Y Déjà Vu, though that release of course goes under a different artist name (as does Long May You Run by the Stills-Young Band, but often included in Young discographies)