17 April

The post of 16 February noted the site, The Greatest Books, which includes among its lists the winners of various literature awards, such as the Costa Award or the National Book Award. While, as argued there, a list of the best book for each year of a certain period of time hardly counts as a list of the "greatest books" of that period (how do we not know that, say, a poll of individuals who regularly decide such awards would result in the "greatest" books mostly being from a few years, or even one year?) another set of similar lists that would provide deeper historical perspective is that of defunct awards. Wikipedia has a great page for one of these, the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award. Indeed, this award's winners, if not limited to children's literature, would constitute a "great books" list because the awards granted a given year were not limited to books published that year. Though gone for more than three decades now, this award justifiably still possesses a definite allure.