14 April

The Atlas Sound tracks posted on the Deerhunter blog in 2008 and 2009, by the end of which Bradford Cox was no longer using the site to present new music regularly. The online-only Atlas Sound oeuvre reached its peak early in 2008, especially with 'Children's Hospital'. Many of the links to the tracks are now broken, but I assume you can find them via Soul Seek or similar programs.

1 January: 'New Years Day'
12 January: 'Brother (You Don't Have to Lay Down Your Guns' [recorded 1983!]; 'Children's Hospital (Screaming in the Face of Death #2)'--not sure what Screaming in the Face of Death #1 is
14 January: 'Lost and Found (For A O)'
18 January: Two Covers: 'Oh It's Such a Shame' [Jay Reatard cover]; 'Unchained Melody' [Righteous Brothers cover]
21 January: 'Without Headlights'; 'Middle School Instrumental' (Virtual 7" No. 2)
22 January: Spring Hall Convert 4-Track Demos: 'Spring Hall Sketch (October 1998)'; 'Oh Drama (Spring Hall Outro 1999)'
23 January: Healing Music: 'Dog Named Apollo'

5 February: Orange Ohms Glow E P ('Orange Ohms Glow'; 'Activation'; 'Hunting Quail'; 'Coriander'; 'Humidity'; 'Valley of the Saroos' [Joe Meek cover])
10 February: 'Cloves'
12 February: Recent Bedroom Demos ('Recent Bedroom (Jan. 2007 Version)'; 'Recent Bedroom First Sketch 2004'; 'Recent Bedroom Jul. 2006')
29 February: Winter Vacation: 'Winter Vacation (First Version)'; 'Winter Vacation (Second Version)'; 'Winter Vacation (Remix)'

27 March: 'Sea Burial'

14 April: 'April 13'
23 April: 'Bored Dub'; 'No Longer' (Virtual 7" No. 3)
24 April: Atlas Sound Covers Two Songs for My Dad E P: 'I'm So Lonesome (I Could Cry)'; 'Blue Moon
27 April: 'Tired Congregation'; 'The Time I Spent With Nico (Quiet)'; 'The Time I Spent With Nico (Loud)'
30 April: 'Cold and Golden'

5 May: Things I'll Miss E P: ('My Car'; 'My Room'; 'My Bed'; 'Recording Acoustic Demos'; 'Marietta')
23 May: 'Galaxy Cruisers (For A C)'
11 June: 'A Lullaby From the Netherlands'
12 June: 'Balcony'; 'Canal' (Amsterdam MIDI Virtual 7")

16 August: 'Holiday'; 'S S C' (Virtual 7" No. 4); Only Guitars Now: Guitar One; Guitar Two; Guitar Three

7 October: Coffin Trick
9 October: 'Maybe Logic'; 'Airedales' (Virtual 7")
23 October: Two Halloween Dances: 'Danse Infernale'; 'Danse Macabre

19 March: 'Solo, or The Square'; 'Memorial Corridor' (Virtual 7" No. 6)
22 March: 'Level 2'

21 April: 'Springtime Instrumental'; 'Time Warp' (Virtual 7" No. 7)

12 August: 'Walk a Thin Line' [Fleetwood Mac cover]

11 November: 'Doctor'; 'The Screens' (Virtual 7" No.7)--actually No. 8

10 Short Tape Experiments, an Atlas Sound/ Broadcast collaboration, was posted May 23 2008.

On January 23 2008, the Deerhunter collection of "demos and home recordings," Fluorescent Grey Demos and Out-Takes, was posted; followed on January 25 by Cryptograms Mixtape. On April 8, the Deerhunter track 'Unused Vocal Take From Microcastle Sessions' was posted. A video of 'Winter Never Stops (Acoustic)', a live performance by Deerhunter, was posted May 3. Another video, and another live track, 'Improv Session June 2 08', a collaboration between Deerhunter and Grrrnd Zero, was posted June 3. A Deerhunter track, given the confusing title 'Game of Diamonds (Atlas Sound Demo)' was posted July 10.

On January 28 2008, 'Dog Years', the first Ghetto Cross [Cole Alexander of the Black Lips and Cox] is posted.

On February 29 2008, the Lotus Plaza track 'Dot Gain' was posted, and a Lotus Plaza performance at Eyedrum on 22 September 2009 was posted the next day; another live performance at Eyedrum, on 11 December 2009, was similarly posted the next day.