14 January

Now, part 2 of the review of publications pertaining to Jazz, modern Classical, experimental, and so on: the e-zines, blogs, and so on.

Two are indispensable: Point of Departure and Paris Transatlantic. A few others are worthy of attention: Bang the Bore; Destination: Out; Disquiet; Hz; Improvisor (formerly a magazine); Monk Mink Pink Punk; and Squid's Ear (apropos my comment about e-zines doing web sales, this site is connected to Squid Co, where you can buy all sorts of Jazz and other hard-to-find-at-most-retail-stores music). Vital Weekly has offered a huge number of reviews for quite some time now, available to view at their site or via old-fashioned mailing list.

Many blogs, they come and go; here's some: Another World of Sound, Dark Forces Swing Blind Punches, Free Jazz Collective100 Greatest Jazz Albums (not exactly what its title suggests), Outer Space GamelanScrapyard Forecast, Streams of ExpressionTouching Extremes, Watchful Ear. And just about Anthony Braxton: If You Know What I'm Saying.

Classical music is covered at the daily Music and Vision; also the blog On an Overgrown Path. I don't follow these as much, especially not relatively-traditionalist Classical. I'm going to do a little research.